Christian Perrine, 27 years old

Christian is a 27-year-old alumni of Centre de Formation Agricole Frere Remy, which is a SAG grantee. He has participated in different trainings on sustainable agriculture with a focus on chicken rearing. After his time at the Centre de Formation Agricole Frere Remy, he did not fully grasp the responsibility and the skill needed to run a farm. This has necessitated regular visits by the coach from the Centre de Formation Agricole Frere Remy to provide the required support. Importantly, Christian lives in an isolated place on his own and walks long distances to collect water and food for his chicken. Despite these challenges, from 15 chicks, Christian now has 45 chicken in his farm. He hopes to improve on the infrastructure for the chicken. He is currently exploring financing opportunities to support his start-up to enable him to scale up. Christian is based in Reposoir, Rodrigues.

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