SWITCH Africa Green (Component B) (2015 to 2018)

A model for sustainable production and consumption practices and eco-entrepreneurship development

‘We prepare our students to build a greener future, contribute in building a sustainable Rodrigues Island and allow us to provide a better education for our younger and future generations to come.’

Marie Verlaine St Pierre, Director of the Centre de Formation Agricole Frère Remy


Centre de Formation Agricole Frère Remi is a training center catering to the youth to develop their academic (Mathematics, French, English) and vocational skills (Livestock rearing, Horticulture, Floriculture, Moasiculture, Phytotechnic and Zootechnic). The Centre de Formation Agricole Frère Remi welcomes teenagers aged between 12 and 18 years old who did not succeed in the academics following successive failures mainly at primary school level. The Centre offers both academic and vocational courses to the students in order to help them start up their own micro-business.

The teenagers are motivated by the coaches and volunteers to develop their vocational skills in order to start up their own micro-business in this field one day. This project is a step forward towards ensuring that the centre is armed with the adequate tools to motivate not only the students of the centre but the society of Rodrigues Island in general in achieving a sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production pattern and practices.



The main objective of this action is to empower the Centre de Formation Agricole Frère Remi so as to support Rodrigues Island in achieving sustainable development. The proposed action will build on the existing activities and successes of the centre and will also enhance Agri-Green Business Development and partnership


  • Incorporate green business development in the curriculum and assist business start-ups of students and community.
  • Improving service delivery of the Centre by optimising the actual resources through studies and reports in the field of water management, waste management, energy management, landscape architecture, topographic studies and statistics.
  • Training the students, coaches, participants and the community on SCP patterns and practices.
  • Promotion of inter­Mascarene Islands (Rodrigues-Mauritius-Reunion-Seychelles) networking programmes which will consist of organising a total of five networking programmes between Mauritius, Reunion and Seychelles Island for different groups of students.


  • 64 students (boys and girls) have followed the courses on sustainable consumption and production practices.
  • Exchange programme between beneficiaries in Rodrigues and stakeholders in Mauritius implemented in 2017.
  • Elaboration of a Master Plan to allow the Centre to better train young people in the agricultural and farming sector.

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